Learner Drivers & COVID restrictions in Victoria

During the covid restrictions in Victoria, advancement for driving students has been severely impacted. This is problem may initially seem insignificant and perhaps look like little more than an inconvenience to young people who want to get their license. 

In actual fact, the reality reaches much further than that of an irritated teen. At an age of natural progress where a large number of young people would normally be either entering the workforce of developing their experience within it, they are suddenly stopped in their path.  

The ability for them to progress in their lives is quite drastically impacted and with things being as they currently are they have little or no chance of enjoying that essential feeling of success either in their work experience growth or in their own personal development.  

Aside from the initial effect of not actually being able to take their driving test, these young people are dealing with the frustration of not being able to move ahead in their lives, a normal stage of activity at this age. 

So what does all of this mean to the driving industry as a whole? In the first instance, we may say that this stage of restrictions is difficult for the driving education industry while independent and government jobs are also affected through the inability to continue with driving lessons and tests until we get to the end of this shutdown period. 


With VicRoads currently out of action for the general schedule of driving tests, even government jobs have been limited or affected. Driving test officers are currently not able to safely conduct a session with the safe-distancing standards and time of contact being active.  

Wiping down the cars and using sanitizers is also a necessary safety measure as students move through the car. This measure is good and well if the information that the student supplies is also accurate and true in their socialising and isolation in the days and weeks prior to the test. In the instance that they are not truthful about where they have been in the preceding days, both the instructor and the drive testing officer are both at risk of infection and of the probability of going home and unknowingly infecting other members of their own families.  

Inquiries to authorities at this time result in vague directions that do not help in clarifying procedures or protocols. For that reason many driving instructors have been wary of returning to their normal duties, even during that more lax stages of restriction in order to provide a safe environment for themselves, their families, and their students. 

Alternative options include an online product created by ODOS Pty Ltd. Their RoadMinders brand has a brand new online driver education package called Super Drive Snippets. These snippets are mini driving lessons, presented online through entertaining animations. 

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